One of the reasons I love my job as a makeup artist is because of the time brides spend in the morning getting ready with their girls. My goal is to make it one of the most fun parts of the day – I want everyone to feel beautiful and relaxed as they prepare for the ceremony!

I’ll let you in on a little secret: The morning of your wedding doesn’t need to be chaotic, flustered, or rushed. It should be filled with butterflies, your fave playlist, and laughter! One of the ways I help ensure you don’t feel stressed the morning of your wedding is to help you plan out your getting ready timeline.

I’m a huge fan of timelines. I really pride myself on making sure I’m not a vendor that makes the day run late. I strive to stay on schedule, but I can’t do that without everyone being prompt! Thankfully I have some amazing brides who are an absolute joy to work with. One of those fantastic brides is Maxine!!

Bride and Groom Hugging

Maxine’s Wedding Morning

Maxine had ten bridesmaids & two moms who wanted their makeup done so we had to start very early! It took seven hours to get everyone’s makeup done. Every minute was worth it- look at these girls!!!

Bride and bridesmaids getting ready

She wanted a soft brown smokey eye with a metallic pop on the lid with wispy lashes to enhance her eye shape. I gave her a natural, dewy look on her skin that highlighted her natural beauty. 

Maxine took such great care of her skin that the airbrush was FLAWLESS

Maxine’s attitude made the morning run so smoothly. She was so kind, grateful, and organized. Not to mention she is absolutely stunning!!! I was honored to be a part of her special day. 

4 Tips For Planning Your Getting Ready Timeline

1. Consider the number of people getting their hair & makeup done

Hair and makeup artists are often expected to get everything done too quickly so I always try to make sure I set expectations accordingly! The first thing you need to know: the more people you have, the more time it takes to get ready.

Most of the time I take one hour for a bride and 30 minutes for each bridesmaid or additional person. If I have an assistant, the overall time is cut down, but I can’t always guarantee I’ll have someone with me. 

2. Communicate with vendors!

You’ve heard it a million times before and I’ll say it again: communication is key! Talk to your vendors and your bridesmaids about the itinerary and what you expect for the morning. Their answers will help you build a timeline that flows smoothly.

I send out a schedule two weeks before the wedding day and I ask each bridesmaid to be ready at the time they’re scheduled to go. Talk to your photographer and videographer about how much time they need for detail shots, getting ready pics, and any other footage they wanna capture. Ask your hairstylist how much time they need as well so we can coordinate when we’ll do certain people’s hair and makeup.

3. Map out the distance from the getting ready spot & the ceremony location 

If your bridal suite or getting ready place is on the same property, this is a fairly easy step. All you need to do is walk over! But if you’re traveling to a new destination, map out the distance between the spots so you can leave on time. 

There’s no room for scrambling on the morning of your wedding, so I suggest designating someone to drive! If you have a bigger group, plan ahead of time who goes in what car. That way nobody gets left behind or wastes time deciding which car to go in.

Bride celebrating with her bridesmaids

4. Cushion room never hurts

I always recommend adding in some extra cushion time just in case something doesn’t go as planned! If one person runs a little late with hair or makeup or doesn’t arrive on time, it could push the rest of the day off schedule.

You’ll breathe a lot easier knowing that you’ll still be on track if there’s a hiccup. Spoiler alert: there’s pretty much always a hiccup. 🙂

5. Relax & have fun!

Last but certainly not least, relax and have fun! This isn’t timeline related but I had to include it. The morning of your wedding is filled with anticipation, pampering, and lots of love. Put your phone away and soak in the time before you get to marry the love of your life!!

Make a playlist specifically for your wedding morning. Blast that music and dance out your nerves! Bring your favorite snacks so nobody gets too hungry. Maybe the most important: drink lots of water! 

Bridesmaids Reacting to Bride

Polson, Montana Wedding Vendors

Makeup ArtistAlexa Elise
Hair – Maddy from Mountain Soul Event Styling
Photographer – Michelle Perenchio Photography
VenueSky Ridge Ranch
Wedding GownSarah Seven
RingSloane Street 

Happy planning!! If you’re looking for a Montana makeup artist, let’s be friends!! Learn more about me here. 🙂